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QAlist.eu (http://QAlist.eu) - the catalogue of QA outsourcing services providers from Central and Eastern Europe. QAlist.eu is the project of 'Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association' - (http://ceeoa.org). One of the main objectives of this catalogue is to promote the information about QA outsourcing services providers from the CEE region and to create an easy way to search permanent regional catalogue of companies providing QA outsourcing services in the CEE region.

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TOP QA Providers


QATestLab is a leading international company that provides a full range of software testing services. Our mission is to solve business problems by delivering high quality services in software testing at the best price. We offer different types of testing services: turnkey, functional, performance automated and security testing. We work with projects across different industries, including e-commerce, telecommunications, tourism, government, office facilities industry.

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SQA Service Ltd.

SQA Service is an independent software and systems testing consultancy. We offer a combination between professional SQA consultants with a state of the art methodology and an unique strategy proving the quality of our clients' products. Further, we serve as a best choice for cost-effectiveness in independent software testing. Our services are sharply end-user and performance oriented. We apply leading quality management methodologies to help our clients deliver top quality solutions.

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Soflab Technology

Soflab Technology is the market leader in testing and quality assurance of ICT solutions. By offering top-quality services, we support our clients in ensuring the reliability of implemented software and maintaining business continuity. We provide accurate reports on the quality of inspected IT solutions. We are an independent company with no affiliation with any IT system suppliers. Thanks to this our work is objective and concentrates 100% on our client’s requirements.

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NEW Companies on QAlist.eu

Indium Software

Other, CA
Indium Software is a rapidly growing technology solutions company with deep expertise in Digital, QA and Gaming. We have over 19 years of experience, ...

QA Madness

Lithuania, Vilnius
For over 10 years, QA Madness has been providing software testing services to businesses around the world. With 60 QA specialists on board, we detect ...


Ukraine, Vinnytsia
Our company, offers unique test approaches flexible to exactly your requirements. Specialists have rich experience in variety of projects from mobile ...


Belarus, Minsk
Belitsoft is a custom software company. Its services include mobile and web development, design, quality assurance, and support. Its main advantages a...


Ukraine, Dnipro
If to say shortly - "We help to accelerate the achievement of shippable quality" UTOR (Ukraine Test On Request) - is a software testing company. We ar...

UNL Solutions

Belarus, Loughborough
We offer Dedicated Teams of developers that seamlessly become a part of the clients’ business. Whether you need to scale internal team or extend you...


Other, Mississauga
Codecreators designs and develops custom apps and software in Canada. We deliver fully achieve your goals and have business analysts to every project ...


Other, San Francisco
LambdaTest is a platform that has eased the life of thousands of web testers and developers across the world. The company has provided a state of the ...

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