QAList - Catalogue of qa outsourcing providers in the cee region

About - catalogue of QA outsourcing services providers from Central and Eastern Europe. is the project of 'Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association'. One of the main objectives of this catalogue is to promote the information about QA outsourcing services providers from the CEE region and to create an easy way to search permanent regional catalogue of companies providing QA outsourcing services in the CEE region.


The catalogue includes profiles of companies with general information about the company and information about company's QA services, technologies and clients. Visitors of the site can search companies on the list by four criteria, as well as by more than 250 technical and business categories in the advanced search field.


The catalogue is based on the research conducted by CEEOA 'CEE QA Outsourcing Review 2016-17'.






Search through Companies' Websites
The search will be carried out among websites of companies included to the catalogue