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About "Central and Eastern Europe QA Outsourcing Review 2016-17"

“CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE QA OUTSOURCING REVIEW 2016-17” is  the review of QA outsourcing markets, which covers 16 countries of the Central and Eastern Europe. The research is the project of CEEOA (Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association).


“CEE QA Outsourcing Review 2016-17” is a free report, which covers QA outsourcing services market in the CEE region. The free format of the report allows to reach the maximal distribution of the information among the potential services consumers.

The report consists of the following key sections:

  • introduction
  • expert views/estimations on market development
  • analytical review of the main indicators of QA outsourcing market
  • country profiles
  • profiles of experts and partners
  • list of companies
  • list of respondents


The report is intended for the top and middle management of SMB segment, as well as other specialists who are interested in QA outsourcing services.  

The data for the report are gathered by interviewing IT, software and outsourcing associations, the largest QA outsourcing providers and experts on QA services market development from 16 countries of the CEE region.


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